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What is the EB4 Visa Fee

In 2017, approximately 17% of the total American workforce comprised of immigrants, says an article on CNN Business. Many people from all across the world choose to move to the US in hopes of earning better and gaining access to diverse opportunities for a better life. One way to fulfill such aspirations is through the EB4 visa.

What is an EB4 Visa?

The EB4 visa is an employment based fourth preference green card issued to someone who is a special immigrant. This visa is generally meant for all those who are members of non profit religious organizations in the US. The category includes broadcasters, member of the armed forces, physicians, Panama Canal employees and so on. 

Cost of EB4 Visa

Here’s a look at the fee requirements for those who wish to apply for an EB4 visa:

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  • A petition must be filed by your employer via Form I-360. The cost of filing this petition is $435. This fee is usually charged by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • If you are already in the US on a non-immigrant visa, you can adjust your status to permanent resident by filing Form I-485. The total cost of this is $1,225. This fee includes $1,140 for the form and $85 for biometric services for those aged between 14 and 78 years. 

EB4 Visa Payment Rules and Methods 

You can pay the fee via money orders, personal or cashier’s checks. If you are paying via check, make sure it is payable to the US Department of Homeland Security. Keep in mind that the service centers cannot process card payments.

The fee needs to be paid for every single intending immigrant. When you are making the payment, you are paying for a government service. The filing and biometric service fees are non-refundable, regardless of the decision of the consular officer regarding your application, petition or your request withdrawal. In case you are unable to submit your application electronically, you can submit it via snail mail.

EB4 Visa Application Process 

To apply for the petition, either you or your employer should:

  • Fill Form I-360 for Special Immigrant by carefully reading the instructions on how to fill the form and other relevant documents accurately. 
  • Submit the total filing fee and biometric fee, if applicable.
  • Submit all evidences and supporting documents required for Form I-360. 
  • File the petition at the file location mentioned in the form’s instructions. 
  • In addition to this, your employer needs to complete an Employer Attestation and a Religious Denomination Certification. The authorizing officer must sign and date the attestation and also complete the Denomination Certification. 

Are You Eligible For an EB4 Visa?

Apart from working as a priest or leader of a religious denomination, your purpose of entering the US must be to work:

  • In a religious occupation, either professionally or non-professionally
  • In a religious vocation for any religious organization or its affiliate

It is important to keep in mind that you should have been performing the applicable religious activities for a minimum of two years before filing the application, to be eligible for an EB4 visa.

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