E1 Visa
E1 Visa

What is the EB1 Visa Fees

Did you know that in 2018, the USCIS issued 3,854 E1 visas for priority workers? This is what an article on CNN US revealed. EB1 visas are reserved for foreign nationals who possess national or international claims in their respective fields, such as arts, sciences, business and athletics. This green card has many advantages and makes the immigration process much easier.Β 

EB1 Visa Cost

Filing for this visa also requires the payment of the mandatory visa fees, which is required by the USCIS for processing your application. The fees are as follows:

  • The basic filing fee for Form I-140 is $700. This has to be paid by your employer.
  • The filing fee for Form I-485 depends on your age and refugee status. 
    • If you are an applicant below 14 years of age and filing the form with a parent, then the fee is $750.
    • If the applicant is below 14 years of age but not filing with a parent, the fee is $1,140.
    • For applicants aged between 14 and 78 years, the applicable fee is $1,225, which includes the compulsory biometric fee.
    • If you are older than 78 years of age, you need to pay $1,140, excluding the biometric fee. 
    • The I-485 is free of cost, if you are a refugee.
  • If applicable, the biometric fee is $85.
  • For all those outside the US seeking an EB1 visa, a DS-260 online immigration application is required. The fee for this form is $230, along with a fee of $88 for the Affidavit of Support. 
  • If you opt for premium processing to speed up the approval process from 6 months to 15 business days, you will need to pay an additional $1,410. 

Apart from these basic costs, you will need to bear the medical examination fee, cost of obtaining supporting documents and translation fees from a foreign language to English. 

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How to Pay EB1 USCIS Fees

Paying the fees depends on where you are applying from – inside or outside the US. If you are residing outside the country, you will need to get in touch with the US Embassy in your country to know the payment process. In case you are within the US, you can make the payment online via credit or debit cards or bank transfer, or you can pay in person at the USCIS field office or via mail. You can also pay the fees through bank drafts, cashier’s checks, personal checks, etc., that are drawn on US banks and payable in US dollars. If you are making an online payment, make sure your Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit cards have sufficient funds because if the payment is declined, the payment request will be canceled and not processed for a second time. Once you are ready to pay the fees, the system will direct you to the secure Department of Treasury site for the payment. If you do not pay the accurate amount, your application will be rejected straightaway.

Before applying for an EB1 visa, make sure you are well aware of the fees, rules and regulations to avoid any chances of your visa being denied.

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