B2 Visa
B2 Visa

What are Some Common Reasons for Visa Rejection

 Under the section 214(b) of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act, it is stated that,

β€œEvery alien shall be presumed to be an immigrant until he establishes to the satisfaction of the consular officer, at the time of application for a visa that he is entitled to non-immigrant status.”

The Visa procedure is not as complicated as it is made to look, but often applicants can suffer rejections on multiple grounds. 

B1 Visa is ‘Visitor for Business’ Visa via which business travelers can enter the US for a temporary period of about six months. However, it can be clearly rejected due to specific reasons.

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Rejections on the basis of Visa Interview

In the B1 visa interview, few commonly asked questions are:

– What is your purpose of visit to the US?
– Can you show any relevant documents for example invitation letter, event brochure etc. for    the business meeting?
– What is your business all about?
– Why can’t it be conducted online?
– Annual income in Indian currency?
– What will be the duration of your stay?
– Have you visited any other country before this?

One should be very tactfully prepared to handle the questions without getting nervous or without fumbling. B1 Visas are dependent on the discretion of the consular officer and can be rejected straightaway, if solid evidences of the purpose of visit are not provided. Furnishing necessary documents showing strong ties with one’s home country; such as real estate ownership, current employment status, significant dependency of family, can strengthen the case and convince the consular officers, that the purpose of visit is temporary and strictly work-based.

It is increasingly important in the current political climate, to convince consular officers, that one is not a potential immigrant under the 214(b) Intending Immigrant Provision.

Inaccurate or Inadequate Information

The DS-160 form, if misrepresented, with any incorrect data, can lead to cancellation of your eligibility to enter the United States under Section 212(a) (6) (C). Insufficient or missing documents can also be a cause of rejection under Section 221(g)

Failure to Communicate Correctly

A stay period of 15 days or less sounds more realistic, and longer than that, without sound reason, can raise eyebrows resulting in visa denial.
The purpose of visit should be well-communicated to the officer, whether it is to start a business or to engage in any kind of employment or to be involved in journalism or press activities. Unable to convey the fact that one has sufficient finance to meet the basic needs of the stay in the US can also be a major red flag to get blacklisted.

Visa Rejected: What Next?

There cannot be a refund of the visa fees paid. However, one may reapply for the visa any time after 3 business days of the previous rejection date, from the same consulate where they had applied previously. If one is sure that he has overcome his/her previous mistakes, he/she can reapply with a refusal letter, containing the 221(g) stamp.

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