E3 Visa
E3 Visa

What is the EB3 Visa

Data from the 2017 American Community Survey (ACS) shows that there has been steady growth in the immigrant population in the US. This population of foreign nationals in the country hit a new high of 44.5 million in July 2017, representing growth of nearly 800,000 since 2016, says an article by the Center for Immigration Studies. Approximately 140,000 immigrant visas are issued each year for foreigners wishing to work in the US.

EB3 Visa – What is It?

The EB3 visa is a permanent residence visa for the US or a Green Card, which is granted to skilled, professional and unskilled workers. This visa is given so that persons who are qualified to work in the country can travel to the States to seek permanent employment. For this, the employee must find a US employer who is willing to offer him a permanent job without an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). The benefit of the EB3 visa is that it allows you to live in the US permanently and work with an EAD. You can switch jobs, employers and job positions after a few years. You will be granted a green card and will have to pay taxes. You are free to travel within the US and live in any part of the country. You can also travel to other countries and return to the US without having to go through the visa process again. 

Are You Eligible for EB3?

The EB3 visa is less stringent than other green cards like the EB2 and the scrutiny is lower too. Here are the following things to abide by if you wish to qualify for the EB3 visa:

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  1. Skilled Worker: To qualify under this category, you will require a minimum of 2 years of relevant documents showing experience and training. Along with this, a Labor Certification Process is required to prove that there are no workers as qualified as you in the US who can be recruited for the position. 
  2.  Professional Worker: This position requires a baccalaureate degree or a foreign equivalent degree along with the Labor Certification Process. 
  3. Unskilled or Other Workers: For this category, you will be given jobs that require less than 2 years training. This category does not include seasonal jobs. 

What is the Cost for EB3 Visa?

The fee for the I-40 Petition for Alien Workers form is $700. If you opt for the premium fill-up service, you would need to pay a fee of $1,225 for the I-907 Request for Premium Processing Service form. 

Why is the Labor Certification Important?

For a few categories, before the foreign employer submits the petition, there is a need to get a labor certification from the US Department of Labor (DoL). The labor certification checks to ensure:

  1. There are none or a low number of qualified and available US workers who can be hired for the position which is being offered to the immigrant. 
  2. Hiring an immigrant will neither affect the wages nor have a negative impact on the employment of US workers. 

If you think you are well qualified to work in the US, you could try applying for an EB3 work visa.

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