E3 Visa
E3 Visa

EB3 Visa Application Procedure

America’s workforce is dynamic and diverse. With a lower number of native-born Americans joining the employment landscape, the country is dependent on immigrants to keep the market going. In 2017, almost 17% of the US workforce comprised of immigrants, says an article by CNN Business. Given the wide range of opportunities in the US, people from different countries aspire to enter the country and make a life there.

How to Apply for EB3 Visa – As an Employer

EB3 Visa application involves both the employer and the foreign employee. This is done in two parts: 

  • First, the employer in the US issues a labor certificate and files the necessary I-40 Immigration Petition For Alien Workers including a large number of documents. These prove that the immigrant has all the required qualifications to apply in the Third Preference Worker category. Your employer must demonstrate the ability to pay you wages, by submitting financial statements like company’s annual reports and federal income tax returns.
  • If approved, the foreign employee will then need to apply for the EW-3 visa at the nearest US embassy in their home country. 

Documents Required for EB3 Visa

Along with proofs that you are performing work for which no workers are present in the US and you have a labor certification, along with a full-time permanent job offer, here are the other documents required for each subcategory.

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Professional Worker Subcategory (EB3-A)

If you are an employee who requires a green card as a professional worker, your I-40 petition should have:

  • Proof of your US BA degree or equivalent foreign degree
  • Proof that this degree is necessary for the job

Skilled Worker Subcategory (EB-3B)

If you are an employee who requires a green card as a skilled worker, your I-40 petition should have:

  • Proof that you meet all the educational qualifications and have at least two years of training and experience which is mandatory for the job.

Unskilled Worker Subcategory (EB3-C)

If you are an employee who requires a green card as an unskilled worker, your I-40 petition should have:

  • Proof that you meet any of the educational, training or experience that is necessary for the job. 

How to Apply for EB3 Visa – As an Employee

As an employee, the first step would be to file a DS-261 Choice of Address and Agent Form. This is an application for the foreign worker to his nearest US embassy in his home country.
Apart from this, you will have to carry the following documents to the Visa Application Center:

  1. A valid passport 
  2. Employment offer letter
  3. Approved labor certification and petition
  4. DS-261 confirmation page. 
  5. 2 passport sized photographs
  6. Resume 
  7. Documents of all your academic qualifications
  8. Signed medical and vaccination documents

EB3 Visa Interview

After your documents are reviewed by the National Visa Center (NCV), an interview will be scheduled for you. The US official takes the final decision on whether you will be given the EB3 visa. 

The EB3 visa processing time can take 1 to 3 years and, in some cases, more than 6 years! However, if you are within the yearly limit, your visa may be processed within a few months.

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