E2 Visa
E2 Visa

EB2 Visa Application Procedure

Immigrants have been adding trillions of dollars to the US GDP and do make up an important part of the nation’s economy when they enter the country through the legal route. In 2017, a total of 43.3 million foreign born individuals resided in America, says an article by the Center for American Progress. 

Immigrants can be a boon to the US labor force too, because rather than competing with American workers, they could complement their skill sets and add to their productivity. They could also replace retiring workers, preventing labor market contraction and positively impacting the future economy.

However, to gain permanent, employment-based residency in the United States, you first need to apply for the EB2 visa.

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Documents Required for EB2 Visa Application

  • Official academic records, as proof of your educational qualifications. These can include degrees, diplomas, certificates or equivalents from a university, college or any other recognized educational institution. 
  • Letters showing that you have 10 years of experience in your profession.
  • A valid license to legally practice your profession.
  • Documents showing that you will be paid a certain salary in exchange for the exceptional services you will provide.
  • Membership in professional association(s).
  • Significant recognition of your achievements in your field of expertise by government organizations or business entities.
  • If you possess any other relevant eligibility evidence, you can submit those too.

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How to Apply for EB2

To receive your EB2 Green Card successfully, you and your employer must follow a three-step process:

  1. The first step is for your employer, who needs to file a Permanent Labor Certification with the US Department of Labor (DoL) via the Program Electronic Management Review (PERM) System. For this, your employer needs to show evidence that job openings are available for a particular field and it is open to natives too, but a foreign national is mandatory and the wages are as per the industry standards. Apart from this, your recruiter also needs to go through a rigorous hiring process to show that no American has qualified for the post.
  2. If all the above requirements are fulfilled, then the DoL will grant a PERM form, which is a mandatory document. After the PERM form has been collected, the employer willing to sponsor a foreign worker must file Form I-140, which is the petition for the EB2 green card. After the petition has been submitted, the applicant needs to wait for their EB-2 priority date.
  3. There is an idea of retrogression in the priority date. This happens when there are more applications than the number of green cards available. When you reach the final step, the procedure break downs into two further steps:
    1. If you are outside the US, you will have to be interviewed at your nearest US consulate in your home country. The consular officer will process the application from there and determine if you are eligible for the visa.
    2. If you are in the US on another visa, you will have to file an Adjustment of Status via Form I-485 and your status will automatically be changed to EB2.

After this, all applicants need to go to the USCIS Application Center for security formalities, where your photograph and fingerprints will be collected. The final decision will be sent to you via email. The time taken to process the application is a minimum six months.

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