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What’s the Cost of Traveling from India to USA

America is a land of contrasts by any measure. From the beaches of Florida to the arid desert of Arizona and from the peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the depths of the Grand Canyon. To be able to truly experience this land of diversity, both cultural and topographical, you need time and, of course, money. Here’s a look at some rough estimates of traveling from India to the United States. 

Visa Costs for traveling to USA

Fee in INR*Visa Type
11,840.00Business or Tourist 
11,840.00Student Visa (Academic) 
14,060.00Athletes, Artists or Entertainers
14,060.00Fiancé or Spouse of US Citizen
11,840.00Exchange Visitors

*The fee might change based on the current exchange rate.

For exchange visitors and students, a separate SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) fee is required. It usually amounts to $350 for non-immigrant students with an I-20 form and $220 for exchange visitors with a DS-2019 form. Another token amount of about ₹200 needs to be paid for getting the visa delivered to your preferred address.

Once your visa is granted, the next step is to book flight tickets, which could possibly be the most expensive part of the trip.

Don’t forget to get travel insurance 👉 Details here.

Travel Expenses to the USA

Air India, British Airways, Qatar Airways, American Airlines and so on are a few of the best airlines to travel to the US in comfort, without burning a hole in your pocket. It is advisable to book tickets at least 3 months before departure to cash in on any early bird deals on offer. June, July and August are peak tourist seasons and the airfare tends to be high during this time. February is usually the cheapest month to travel to the US. While you could find one-way tickets as low as ₹34,000.00 from New Delhi to New York during off-peak times, during peak travel times, the price of a one-way ticket could cross the ₹1 lakh mark. So, plan your travel based on your budget.

Currency Exchange Rates and a Few Basics

Electronics, certain kitchen utensils, branded clothes and bags, perfumes, etc., are comparatively cheaper in the US than in India.

Transport costs in the US are the second highest in the world, according to an article on 20 Something Finance.

  1. Monthly spend on public transport could add up to $122.
  2. Basic dinner for 2 is about $54, unless you can survive on street food.
  3. Small souvenirs can cost you about $7 

If you have a friend or relative who you can stay with, great. If not, add up the cost of the hotel room too. Also, you might like to do some sightseeing. Museums, amusement parks, national parks and other places will have admission fees. All this information can be accessed right here in India, thanks to the internet. So, plan your itinerary and add up the costs, based on which sites you are most likely to visit.

Check the exchange rate on the day that will convert your Indian rupees to US dollars, to ensure that you bring the right amount of cash. Remember that there are restrictions on the total amount of cash you can convert into dollars. So, check that too beforehand.

US trip can be pretty expensive for sure but experiencing the American dream could definitely make it worthwhile.

🇺🇸 Also, get travel insurance before your trip 👉 Compare plans.

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