5 Best Health Insurance for Immigrants to USA in 2019

Here are the best health insurance plans for immigrants in USA.

The Trump administration has brought about a new change in law recently, (October 2019) where new immigrants to the USA are required to show that they can afford health insurance. (Source – WSJ)

Now, this new law has made it difficult for poor immigrants to immigrate to the US. Only those who can afford health insurance can now enter the US.

What this means is that anyone who’s immigrating to the US on any kind of visas is now required to get health insurance while they move into the US.

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In this article, I’ll list down the best health insurance for new immigrants to the USA.

Best Health Insurance for US Immigrants

Here are the best health insurance plans for immigrants to the USA.

1. Inbound Immigrant

Administered by Seven Corners, this health insurance plan for immigrants provide long term coverage even with a limited budget. It also provides coverage for acute-onset of pre-existing conditions for people below the age 70 (please refer catalogue for details).

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2. Patriot America Plus

Administered by IMG Global, this is a comprehensive coverage policy offering coverage during 5-365 days of stay in the USA. This plan also covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions for people below the age of 70. It offers a PPO network of Doctors.

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3. Liaison Travel Economy

A comprehensive coverage plan, this health insurance is for immigrants to the USA. It offers coverage from 5 to 364 days, offers $15,000 for acute onset of pre-existing conditions and is administered by Seven Corners.

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4. Liaison Travel Choice

This is a comprehensive coverage plan that pays 80% of the first $5000 and then 100% up to policy max. Up to $30,000 coverage is available for acute onset of pre-existing conditions under this plan, and it offers a PPO network. This is an ideal health insurance plan for immigrants to USA.

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5. Bridge Plan

Bridge Insurance Plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan for US permanent residents, green card holders and those waiting for Medicare or are not currently eligible for Medicare.Β  It is a health insurance plan suitable for elders (age 60 – 95) as it offers up to 11 months of coverage and you can visit any doctor (not PPO) or any hospital.

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So, there you have it.

Some of the best health insurance plans for immigrants to USA. Of course, there are many other plans available from many companies, so you might want to check all of them.

Health Insurance for Immigrants Comparison

Each health insurance has its own benefits. So there isn’t one plan that fits all. However, I’d suggest that you choose one that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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Tip: Make sure you read all the documentation clearly (particularly those pertaining to the acute onset of conditions) before making your purchase.

I suggest you compare all the plans and make an informed decision.

Full disclosure: I’m not a licensed insurance agent. Content in this article is meant for educational purposes and based on information available on the internet and may not be accurate. Please check with the policy provider for details. Some of the links mentioned on this website may feature affiliate links, by which the website earns a commission without the user paying any extra price.

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