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How to Apply for USA Visit Visa From UK

Reports by The International Trade Administration’s Tourism Industries office reveal that 4.9 million British citizens traveled to the United States of America, of a total of 77.5 million visitors to the US in 2015, says the official website of the US Embassy and Consulates in the United Kingdom. The US is now looking to welcome a whopping 100 million international visitors by the end of 2021, a significant rise from the 75 million in 2014. 

America has been constantly trying to improve the tourism experience for UK citizens. For this, the country has included the UK in its Visa Waiver Program, while also making British nationals eligible for fast track entry to the US. Brand USA, a public and a private ownership, has been aiming to promote USA as one of the top holiday destinations for all travelers from across the world.

US Visit Visa for UK Non-Immigrants

If you are not a British citizen, you will be required to apply for a visit visa to the USA. After you have chosen the visa type that best suits the purpose of your visit, follow these steps to start the application procedure. 

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  1. Fill the Non-Immigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) Form online. Make sure you fill accurate and complete information, to prevent any risk of the application being rejected. After this, take a printout of the confirmation page, with a 10-digit barcode number on it.
  2. The next step is to pay the non-refundable MRV application fee of $160. However, petition-based applicants need to pay $190, while E-1, E-2 and E-3 visa applicants need to pay $205. 
  3. Schedule a visa interview, by selecting a date and time, according to your preference. 
  4. Gather all the required documents, such as the application confirmation page, visa fee payment receipt, old and new passports and so on. 
  5. The last step is to attend the visa interview. All applicants between the ages of 14 and 79 need to personally appear for the interview, at the designated consulate. Anyone below or above this age group is not required to attend the interview and can courier the required documents to the consulate.

USA Visit Visa for UK Immigrants

British citizens are eligible to apply for the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) to enter USA. This allows you to stay in America for up to 90 days. Any UK national, travelling by air or sea to the US, will need to apply for the ESTA. This program is mainly meant for tourism, business, medical or transit purposes. 

Documents Required for ESTA

The ESTA is valid for 2 years from the date on which it is approved. Make sure you apply at least 72 hours prior your date of travel. You will require the following documents to apply:

  1. An electronic passport, containing a digital chip. This chip should include your biometric information and the passport should be valid for 6 months from the intended date of arrival in the US. 
  2. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and your passport number. 

In case you visa is denied, you can re-apply with proof that the reasons for visa denial no longer exist.

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